Strong and Versatile Round Bar Magnets

Powerful Round Bar Magnet, made of high-quality NdFeB material, exhibits excellent magnetism. Precision cylindrical design ensures highly accurate magnetic performance. Various sizes and specifications are available to meet specific needs. Durable and reliable, it is suitable for mechanical manufacturing and scientific research in various industries. Certified by REACH, ROHS and SGS, whether it is industrial production or laboratory application, these Round Bar Magnets will provide excellent support for your projects.

Products Details

Product Name: Neodymium Magnet, NdFeB Magnet
      Grade & Working Temperature: Grade Working Temperature
N30-N55 +80℃ / 176℉
N30M-N52M +100℃ / 212℉
N30H-N52H +120℃ / 248℉
N30SH-N50SH +150℃ / 302℉
N30SH-N50SH +180℃ / 356℉
N28EH-N48EH +200℃ / 392
N28AH-N45AH +220℃ / 428℉
Coating: Ni, Zn, Au, Ag, Epoxy, Passivated, etc.
Application: bathrooms, cabinets, workshops, and educational games,Sensors, motors, filter automobiles, magnetic holders, loudspeakers, wind generators,  medical equipment, etc.
Advantage: If in stock, free sample and deliver at same day; Out of stock, delivery time is same with mass production
Crafted from high-performance NdFeB materials, our round magnet bars exhibit a magnetic length greater than their diameter, yielding a deep and potent magnetic field surpassing same-sized disc magnets. Ideal for applications demanding compact dimensions and maximal strength. NdFeB magnets exude a remarkable attractive force, enabling attraction even across vast distances, rendering them a staple across diverse realms like scientific experiments, packaging, displays, furniture, and musical instruments. Their extraordinary resistance to demagnetization suits both repulsion and suction needs.Our round bar magnets consist of robust permanent magnet materials encased in stainless steel housing. Tailored to specific applications, choose between round or square magnetic rods. These rods excel at capturing ferrous impurities in free-flowing materials, such as nuts, bolts, swarf, and detrimental debris, ensuring material purity and equipment safeguarding. They form the core of products like grill magnets, magnetic drawers, ferrofluid traps, and magnetic spin separators.☀ Featuring a high-quality "nickel-copper-nickel" plating, our custom strong magnetic round magnet bars flaunt a corrosion-resistant, waterproof, and smooth surface. Versatile in bathrooms, cabinets, workshops, maps, games, and educational ventures, these magnet bars deliver steadfast magnetic adhesion. While detaching, exercise care and avoid excessive force. Safety matters when handling. ☀ This encapsulates the essence of our round magnet bars. With outstanding performance and diverse applications, they offer enduring magnetic grip and prolonged service life. Should queries arise or more information be needed, kindly reach out to us.

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